Smart City

Smart City Duisburg comprises a total of seven fields of action, which are intended to lay the foundation for an enhanced quality of life, economic attractiveness and sustainability in Duisburg. The seven fields of action are: Broadband & 5G, e-government, economy, mobility, housing, infrastructure and education. In the Smart City initiative, these are characterized by the involvement of various interest groups from the citizenry, administration, politics and business. In the area of infrastructure, we would like to use one example among many to illustrate an application of Smart City with intelligent waste management.



Project description

Intelligent waste garbage cans

Waste garbage cans are usually emptied at fixed intervals, regardless of the fill level. While early collection can result in unnecessary expenses and emissions, late collection can lead to overfilled bins and littering behavior. For this reason, Wirtschaftsbetriebe Duisburg is testing the use of fill level sensors in waste containers to improve stand service, better container management and optimized collection logistics.