Duisburg attaches great importance to sustainable urban development. This is evident in a wide range of projects and groups within Duisburg. Examples of this are the climate protection concept Duisburg.Nachhaltig or the following work and ideas in the area of water-sensitive urban development and tree rigs with intelligent sensor technology. It can be seen that the areas of smart city and sustainability are closely intertwined in Duisburg.


Project description

Water-sensitive urban development

In order to counteract this as far as possible, near-natural, decentralized rainwater management is to be implemented in the context of new developments, but also in existing ones. The background is that innovative ways to a sustainable handling of the resource water are shown. The use of renaturation and infiltration areas is therefore a big step in the right direction.


Tree trenches with intelligent sensor technology

Sensor-supported soil moisture measurement and the resulting need-based watering can save water to a considerable extent and reduce CO2 emissions from maintenance vehicles for unnecessary watering. As a side effect, the evaporation capacity of the trees and a microclimatic cooling can be cited.