Technology Quarter Wedau

An ultramodern, future-oriented technology quarter is to be created on the approx. 30-hectare Wedau-Nord development site, which will provide significant impetus for the overall development of the city and the region. The focus of the planning is on the one hand the planned further development of the University of Duisburg-Essen at the Duisburg location. In the medium term, the UDE would like to relocate the Faculty of Engineering and associated institutes to the development area. According to the current planning status, this immediate use accounts for about one third of the available GFA. A technology center (TZ Wedau) is to be created on the other areas, which will develop an ecosystem through various fields of expertise and the settlement of research and development companies, start-ups, spin-offs, co-working space operators, but also technology companies without a direct university connection.

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300.000 m²
160.000 m²



Project description

This will create a targeted spatial and functional link between science, business, research and teaching, an ideal environment for working in inter- and transdisciplinary cooperation projects. The Technology Center is the engine and the bridge to the Technology Quarter. It serves as a driver and companion for start-ups so that they can develop and grow at the location. In addition, a concept for decentralized site development is being developed to enable start-ups and development companies to settle outside the Technology Quarter but within the city limits of Duisburg. The Wedau-Nord technology quarter, in conjunction with the 6-Seen-Wedau development area, will create a lively and smart district that will have an impact far beyond the city limits and the region. The heart of the new district will be the renovated Alte Richthalle. The hall is to be revitalized through a wide variety of uses and become the functional center of the district. Particularly in the evenings and on weekends, it will be a public meeting place for the urban community. The Wedau Technology Quarter, in conjunction with 6 Lakes Wedau, will create a lively and smart district that will have an impact far beyond the city limits.

The old Richthalle as a heritage site

The heart of the new quarter will be the Alte Richthalle, which will be revitalized for various uses and developed into the functional center of the quarter.




Framework plan for Wedau-Nord to be adopted

The new use of the Wedau-Nord site is approaching another milestone: In September, the new urban planning framework will be on the agenda of the Duisburg City Council. The new master plan was drawn up by Frankfurt-based AS+P Albert Speer + Partner. It follows on from the framework planning originally adopted for the area by the Dortmund office plan lokal. A first framework plan, which was developed in connection with the framework plan for the 6-Seen-Wedau area, envisaged a purely commercial use of the area - however, this plan was not pursued further by GEBAG after the purchase of the land. Since a primarily university use of the area is planned for the future, a new urban development framework plan was necessary.

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Renovation of the chimney in Wedau-Nord completed

GEBAG has completed the refurbishment of the listed chimney on the Wedau-Nord development site. Work had started in April. As part of the repair, chimney rings were renewed and refurbished, climbing protection rails and chimney rest platforms were installed, and the masonry was repointed in damaged areas.

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Duisburg on the way to becoming a technology hotbed

The City of Duisburg, the University of Duisburg-Essen and GEBAG Flächenentwicklung mbH (GEBAG FE) will jointly develop the planned technology quarter in Duisburg on the Wedau Nord site. The parties involved today signed a memorandum of understanding specifying the common goals and rules of this process.

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