Urban Future Ruhr

Duisburg-Hochfeld has made it! In November 2021, the Initiativkreis Ruhr decided to focus on Duisburg-Hochfeld with its new flagship project entitled "Urban Future Ruhr". All member companies of the Initiativkreis approved the project at their plenary meeting. This makes "Urbane Zukunft Ruhr" the new decade project of the initiative and another great opportunity for Duisburg...

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Project description

Urban Future Ruhr Hochfeld

Duisburg-Hochfeld has over 18,000 residents - more than 75% are newcomers. High unemployment, a low level of education, and a high poverty rate are part of the reality of this very young district with a high proportion of children and young people. This presents Hochfeld with growing social challenges and, at the same time, great potential for innovation.

Hochfeld - a district with great innovation potential

It is directly adjacent to GEBAG's three large innovation areas and lies like a hinge between Duisburg's city center and the banks of the Rhine. The IGA 2027, which will take place directly in Hochfeld, also makes Hochfeld an indispensable part of the city's overall development strategy. Together with the Initiativkreis Ruhr, Hochfeld is now to become a pioneer area for Duisburg's urban spaces and a guarantor for the participation and design of the new urbanity. The goal is to improve the living conditions of the local people. To achieve this, the Initiativkreis Ruhr wants to tackle the challenges of the neighborhood together with the city of Duisburg, represented by GEBAG, and become active in the fields of action "Education & Social Affairs," "Housing & Public Space" and "New Mobility.