Future City Duisburg

Duisburg has many faces. The former city of scholars, where Gerhard Mercator worked and where one could study (-at that time still man-) regardless of origin and ethnicity, has turned into an internationally renowned university city. Changing with the times, Duisburg has become a smart industrial and logistics location with a promising future. And there is more and more movement and further projects in planning and implementation that will change and shape Duisburg's future in the long term.



Old City Library

A commercial building is to be constructed here with the option of allowing noticeable office and administrative uses in addition to retail and restaurant uses in the project. This is one of the two planned "Torhaus" buildings. The second "gatehouse" is to be built on the opposite, former Volksbank site.

Old wooden harbor

The Am Holzhafen site is the last vacant building lot in the inner harbor. The crescent-shaped site is prominently located between striking office complexes, which are among the top addresses for office properties within Duisburg and the Ruhr region.

The goal of the city of Duisburg is to continue the success story of the inner harbor with an attractive mix of uses and a high-quality urban planning and architectural solution.

Old Hamborn City Baths

The city bath was built in brick expressionism and opened in 1938. It was closed in 1998 and the building is now a listed building. The current owner of the building plans to convert the former Stadtbad into an office building.

At the old Angerbach

A completely new residential area is being built in the southern Duisburg district of Huckingen. Residential space for around 300 units and a five-group daycare center are being created on around 170,000 square meters. The first building plots have already been allocated to investors in 2019. In addition, around 90 developer-free plots were allocated to private developers. Around one third of the building plots have already been sold. The remaining building plots are currently in the award phase.

Business park Asterlagen

The high-quality business park with a central green area with ponds and public art was developed in the 1990s and is in particular the location of international companies, e.g. from Japan, the USA, Turkey, China and Korea. The last available plots are currently being marketed there.


An attractive office building with 7 floors and 4,500 m² gross floor area was built at Calaisplatz. Located in the direct vicinity of the old town, at the Schwanentor with a view of the history-rich inner harbor, the design of the Essen office Koschany + Zimmer Architekten KZA was realized.

With charging stations for electric cars, state-of-the-art network technology and a high low-energy standard (KfW Efficiency House 55), the high-tech building already meets the needs of tomorrow.

former Didier works

Work is currently underway on a development for the site of the Didier works, which was formerly used for industrial purposes and has been derelict for a long time, with plans for a commercial succession for large parts of it.

Hohenbudberg Industrial Park

A modern industrial and logistics park with container terminal has been developed on the former marshalling yard site. Companies from a wide range of sectors have already settled there. The remaining areas are being marketed by the owner Duisport to companies which can use the terminal's facilities.

Rheinpreussen Industrial Park

On the site of the former Rheinpreussen colliery, a modern business park has been created with a successful symbiosis of old colliery buildings and contemporary commercial architecture. The owner, Aurelis Real Estate, is currently expanding the park to include a business park with new buildings.

LogPort VI

Logport VI is located on the site of the former Walsum paper mill in the north of Duisburg. Once completed, the 40-hectare site will serve as a new location for companies in the "value-added logistics" sector. At the beginning of 2022, a trimodal terminal will start operations and DSV, the first company from the contract logistics sector, will commence operations in warehouses covering around 55,000 square meters.

In the summer of 2021, a leading global container shipping company signed a contract for a further 12 hectares of land. By the end of 2024, the site will be directly connected to the A 59 freeway via a bypass (Walsum link road).

Mercator Island

Where a few years ago was an industrial area, today a park has been created, which is open to the public. In good weather, you can watch the busy shipping traffic from here and enjoy nature.

The industrial character cannot be denied until today, so the surface structure shows a typical appearance. The created special habitats create the connection between historical industrial use and the use as recreation area.

Mercator Quarter

The outstanding site is located directly in Duisburg's city center, opposite the city hall and the Salvator Church in the Duisburg-Altstadt district. The thematic anchor of the newly developed neighborhood is medieval Duisburg. It makes it possible to experience the transition from history to modern high-quality living in an excellent location close to the city center. The core of the Mercatorviertel will be a car-free, partially landscaped and publicly accessible inner area.

Plange mill

Along the Rhine, an integrated quarter of residential, mixed-use and commercial areas with flanking open space planning is to be created on the site of the former trajectory plant and Plange grain mill, the connecting element of which will be the trajectory promenade as a green band along the Rhine.

St. Barbara

In the Neumühl district, plots of land in a well-developed location are to be developed for residential construction and integrated in terms of urban development. The conversion of the former hospital and school site into a residential area meets the need for a modern, diverse range of housing.

St. Vincent Quarter

Modern condominiums and rental apartments are to be built in the listed building of the former St. Vincenz Hospital. The same applies to the surrounding hospital grounds.

Living at Kaiserberg

On the upper slope of Duisburg's Kaiserberg, a unique residential quarter has been realized in Duisburg's prime location. Eight urban villas with 47 spacious apartments and 5,500 m² of living space and luxurious interiors are grouped around the listed Henle Villa with its well-known Fahrenkamp annex.

Zebra Park

The "ZebraPark" commercial area with its plot layouts is aimed in particular at SMEs. Due to the high demand, additional commercial areas will be generated in the future by converting a special area for large-scale retail. The site is conveniently located and the nearest freeway connection is just 1 km away.

Zeus site

The area of approx. 12.15 hectares, which today lies fallow, will be used in the future for the establishment of a furniture store, a kitchen outlet and a furniture cash-and-carry market in the SO area and of commercial enterprises in the GE area. The urban planning concept for the furnishing center provides for a customer-friendly arrangement of the buildings, their entrances and the generous parking spaces in front of them.

On the adjoining commercial area to the east, with plots of different sizes, the realization of a commercial park will provide space for a variety of commercial enterprises. The designation as an industrial park is the result of a long-term structural change in the Duisburg urban area.